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Name:Parson A. Gotti
Birthdate:Jan 3
Location:United States of America
Read this to the party:
"Standing before you is a man who in some ways is the perfect stereotypical American tourist. Slightly taller than average and extremely fat, even for an American, he sports jeans, cheap sneakers, and a hooded jacket with an even fatter cartoon hamster emblazoned on the front. He's looking intently at a particular patch of roses in the garden, smirking to himself as though it reminds him of a joke that only he remembers."

Parson A. Gotti
Class: Human
Occupation: Assistant Librarian / Gamemaster
Strengths: Tactical and Strategic Genius, Ability to Read the Opponent, Background Information
Weaknesses: Physical Fitness, Grasp of Japanese Language, Maturity

The character shown in this journal, Parson Gotti, is an alternate-universe version of the fictional character from Erfworld, a webcomic by Rob Balder, Jaime Noguchi and Xin Ye. As that webcomic has been released under the terms of the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license (United States version 3.0), he is used with permission; all userpics and writings associated with this account are therefore licensed under the same terms, with no extra attribution necessary except as required to distinguish my work from that of the original authors. Direct all comments, questions, concerns and complaints to the mun.

Interests (11):

block games, board games, dungeons and dragons, ender's game, exploitable mechanics, no-win scenarios, tabletop games, the kobayashi maru, war, war is neat, world-building

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